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Dear John…

January 28, 2011

Dear Local Government...

Life isn’t easy.  Sometimes we could all do with a bit of advice to get us through the day, whether it’s deciding what colour tie to wear or what jobs to apply for.  Other times we just need to tell someone what we are thinking to get it off our chest.

So, with little further ado, here are some short ‘dear john’ style messages for you to enjoy.  Happy Friday!

  • Dear Grant Shapps,
  • On your measure I earn more than the Prime Minister
  • Sincerely, David Cameron
  • Dear Lambeth,
  • You paid for frivolous posters so I’m not paying my tax bill,
  • Sincerely, budget consultee
  • Dear resident,
  • At least make the effort to learn my name
  • Sincerely, councillor
  • Dear councillor,
  • The three years out of four when there aren’t elections still count on the calendar
  • Sincerely, resident
  • Dear legal services,
  • I didn’t want ten pages of waffle; Am I breaking the law: YES or NO?!?
  • Sincerely, front line worker
  • Dear Grant Shapps,
  • When you said councils were free to do anything we wanted, that was a lie wasn’t it
  • Sincerely, Ringo Starr’s old house