Canoodling at the council

Love over the laptop

Sometimes the news is sent just to make us happy.

And so it is with Fenland council who accidentally found themselves in the news last week. As the Cambridgeshire Times describes:

Kiss and tell is to become official policy for a council’s 700 strong workforce should they strike up a personal relationship with a colleague. Any employee embarking on such a relationship “must declare it to his or her manager in writing,” says Sam Anthony, head of HR at Fenland District Council.

This raises some silly questions:

1) What if you only went on one date with the person? Is that a relationship? Do you need to declare it? When does the relationship become subject to managerial scrutiny?

2) What if someone is having an affair with two people? That would put the manager being ‘declared to’ in a mighty awkward position.

3) What would the manager do the day after the Christmas Party? Is the declaration via e-mail? Would that amount of e-mails be too much to deal with?

4) If a manager fancies you is the best thing to do to tell them that you are dating someone else in the council? A shrug off has never been easier

And finally:

5) Would these disclosures be subject to the Freedom of Information Act?!?! If so, catching a workplace affair has never been so easy!

Most of all it is just a light-hearted way to end the week. If you have any more questions this raises please do add them below.

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4 Comments on “Canoodling at the council”

  1. Localgov Says:

    If that date is really expensive, do you have to declare it on the over £500 list?

    What if it’s with a Councillor?

    Will you have to fill in an EqIA?

    What if the majority of relationships are between members if the same ethnicities, abilities, ages, etc? Will there be action plans developed to diversify the relationship pool?

    Will this be a standing agenda item at full Council meetings?

    What happens when you break up? Will you need to complete an exit interview?

    What happens if the date goes really well? Will you have to complete an entrance interview?

    Is there a training course for all this?

    What if your Facebook status is ‘it’s complicated’?

    What if your relationship is with your bosses daughter/wife/mother?

    Where did the romance go…..

  2. Mark Stanley Says:

    Do you have to inform managers when the relationship ends too?

    Will managers have to report on performance of their team?

    I like the idea of a tally chart in the office, although as a freelance IT consultant I might encourage you to invest in my new “relationship dashboard” I’ve just invented. It shows the real movers and shakers, those members of the team with an aspirational attraction to higher grades, and the bottom-feeders.

    Any takers?

  3. LG Worker Says:

    Do you have to inform your manager if you’re not in a relationship with someone but really fancy that person and want to go out with them?

    What if the person you are in a relationship with is your manager’s manger? Does this make an insecure manager even more insecure?

    What if the relationship is with someone not in the Council but in a neighbouring council? Or a senior member of a Partner organisation? or a Consultant?

    Having know office romances and how they tend to try and not kiss on Council premises because they don’t want people to know, will this now mean that we will see an outbreak of snogging (in meetings, in the lift), because they don’t have to hide anymore?

  4. Maewyn Says:

    Would you need to classify your relationships, like you do on facebook. for example we are ‘colleagues’, ‘dating’ ‘shagging’ ‘it’s complicated’?

    Is the person you claim to have a relationship with given an opportunity to correct the information? Who pays for the therapy?

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