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A child might die

January 12, 2011

Street cleaners don

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Councils can not be seen as single entities. In reality a council is a
conglomerate of disparate enterprises and activities; ranging from
the absolutely crucial to the 100% optional.

Because of this, and despite constant calls from the Government for councils to stop acting in silos, each council develops departments with their own aims and power bases.

These departments come in all shapes and sizes; including such varied beasts as: environment services, adult services, cultural services, community services, transactional services, the chief executives department, corporate services, resources and many more.

However, by the far the biggest and the most powerful in any local authority is the children’s services department. This department rarely participates in corporate initiatives, always manages to bat away budget cuts, often rejects even the most kindly put improvement suggestion and never ever compromises on any issue. If one is so bold as to question this behaviour the mighty department simply turns round and responds with a sigh:

Do as I say or a child might die.

(From the Guardian)