On the sixth day of Christmas our bloggers gave to me

I know I'd donate

An idea for a new charity.

Over the winterval period (thanks Eric for sticking that phrase in my head) I’ve received quite a few e-mails from colleagues, suppliers, contacts and random organisations, many of which have followed a similar theme: “Happy Christmas, this year we didn’t send any cards but are sending you this e-mail instead, and with the money we saved on cards and postage we made a donation to save the cats/polar bears/forest/one toe sloths”.

Now, I don’t mind this; to be honest it makes my mantlepiece a little less cluttered and also saves on me filling the recycling bin with bits of old card.  However, I do object to the donation bit.

What do I care about cats/polar bears/forests/one toe sloths?!  Okay, forests are pretty useful what with the whole breating thing, but otherwise I can think of many different ways of spending that money.

Therefore I’m making a proposal.  Let’s set up a ‘public sector relief fund’, akin to those set up for national disasters.  Any Christmas card based donations can then be sent this way, contributing quickly to a sizeable pot of money which can then be used to help those public sector staff in need.  Just think: for £2 you can provide Edward in Accounts with the leaving party he deserves, or Shaniqua in Youth Services with a pen to use when signing on.

Every little helps.

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