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Just say goodbye, already…

December 9, 2010

Look at them - people don't really care this much...

For about ten minutes yesterday, working in the office was more difficult than usual.  Nothing to do with impending deadlines or oodles of gossip, it was a little stranger than that; we kept getting assaulted by waves of applause for someone who had escaped the clutches of Local Government and were going through their last day here.

Now, I like giving people a good send off as much as Michael Aspel in his This Is Your Life pomp, but when that entails at least six rounds of applause it’s all getting a bit much.  Each peal of hand clapping must have been interrupted by speeches from different people, and must have involved what sounded like half the floor (who were all around the corner, so we couldn’t spy on them easily).

Nobody is liked that much by that many people in their own right, so I assume it must have been someone important that people wanted to be seen to be supporting.  However, I strongly suspect that we may be seeing the start of a new type of competition in the workplace – the big send off. (more…)