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Crossing to the dark side

December 8, 2010

Selling out or working for the greater good?

Today the excellent Guardian Local Government Network are running a live web chat advising possibly redundant Local Government officers about how they might become consultants. For those interested the chat will be at midday and is available here. I urge those of you facing the chop to check it out.

I genuinely do not know how to respond the Guardian’s piece.

Obviously I have nothing against them running it. The Local Government Network provides support and advice to local Government workers and the piece is very logical. As they say in the pre-amble:

For many, consultancy seems like a natural career progression, particularly if you’ve specialised in a certain area, and it’s a proactive way of getting ahead of the redundancy curve. Plus, we all know that when it comes to finding a new solution to an old problem, local government has a history of turning to consultants – could this be you?

100% logical: As mentioned above Local Government does have an addiction to consultants which is worrying; even in tough times. A visiting consultant in my authority confided that in his experience he hasn’t seen so much work for consultants as is available right now. The reasons for this consultancy dependence are many; but three key ones seem to sum it up: