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A quick joke

December 6, 2010

There was a right old mix up today so we didn’t manage to get a post up on the internet: it’s written, just not up…

We (I) apologise for it was our (my) fault. In it’s place please find a short joke with local government gallows humour attached.

Two local Government workers are walking through a forest when they notice a bear coming for them. Quick as a flash one of them bends down and puts on some trainers.

‘You don’t think you can outrun a bear do you?’ said his colleague.

‘I don’t need to’ replied the trainer wearing officer, ‘I just need to outrun you!’

And in case you missed it in this humorous metaphor the bear is redundancy and the two council workers are on a competitive assimilation against each other. It’s not much but us Local Government workers aren’t renowned for our sense of humour.

Proper post to follow tomorrow (we hope!)