CSR related fashion crimes?

I was a Blur fan.....

The mid-90s spawned many things to be remembered fondly; Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the World Wide Web, Street Fighter 2 and the Blur Vs Oasis Wars to name but a few.  However, one of the things less noted in a positive sense was its style.

The big, baggy suit was still in vogue, along with the grunge scene popularised by Nirvana and some frankly disgraceful sequined combinations my sister tried to leave the house wearing.

I only bring this up because I fear that these may be making something of a comeback.  Over the past week or two I’ve noticed an increase in the number of solid colour shirts being sported by male colleagues around the office.  I’m not talking pastels in some nice, sharp styles; I’m talking about bright red, petrol blue and mustard yellow, all with a degree of baggyness that would have Madness opining about their trousers.

Now, I’m no fashion expert by any stretch of the imagination – most of the time I’m not even trusted to buy my own clothes.  However, I saw a few episodes of Gok Wan once and therefore can sound vaguely authentic when I say within the echoey confines of my own head – STOP IT MAN!!!

To top it off these shirts are also often combined with a novelty tie of some kind, or alternatively something which looks like it’s been used to clean up a spillage in the arts section of my kids nursery.  The second I see a bow tie I’m running for the hills.

It has all got me wondering – is this a symptom of the CSR?  Are people reverting back to the things they knew the last time there were economic issues to be dealt with?  Or are they dusting off these relics as they can’t afford new clothes but want to try something different?  If so I’m in real trouble, as my school uniform was drawn all over on my last day with phallic designs and good luck messages.  Teachers can be cruel sometimes.

This makes me wonder what else we can expect from the workplace in the name of efficiency if we are all going to travel back in time to when days were simpler and dogs’ poo was white.  How long before the PCs are replaced by word processors (it’ll certainly limit time wasting on the internet)?  E-mail will disappear to be replaced by snail mail and fax machines (which will definitely cut down on the amount of time workers are distracted by chain e-mails – curse you LOL cats), before Blackberrys follow suit and the file-o-fax’s come out.

In this time when we are looking to make things slicker and better there is plenty that we can do, but let’s not forget that lots of how we do things these days is actually quite good and efficient as it is.  Yes, there are still some things which could be refined, but an evolution rather than revolution could bear more fruit here.

And please, please, please – make sure that hypercolour clothing is never seen in a meeting room again.

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