A visit from the joy fairy

There are many things that are encouraged in local government:

However, one thing which is not only not encouraged but is too often frowned upon is creativity.  This builds a dangerous sense of fun and enjoyment, which are out of scope for most workers; having fun is not in their job description.

That’s why, on those few occasions when people are actually creative, it really shines out and makes people smile.  Sometimes this can be in the form of a brilliantly worded e-mail, other times it can be a little more simple and anonymous.As previously blogged, technically we hot desk on a daily basis even though most people end up sitting in the same place each and every day.  After one such day of seeing the office from a different point of view I returned to my normal seat only to find this waiting for me:

As you can see on closer inspection, this was a nice little figure of white blue-tac which sat in front of me with a smile.  Even better, the eyes had been popped onto the base of the monitor, so that whenever it was turned the eyes moved from side to side.

Such a simple thing, left without signature or for want of a reward, really brightened up my week, and stayed in situ until a tyrannical cleaner rolled it into a ball, leaving only the eyes staring forlornly at me with a penetrating and questioning stare.

And then last week this sign appeared on an errant photocopier:

Again, no need to say any more, but the wording just brought a smile to my heart.

I hope that whoever this fairy of joy is that they continue to bring light to the long, dark tunnel that is local government.

As long as that light isn’t a train.

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