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What’s ‘mine’ is ‘mine’… Always

September 27, 2010

A desk worth protecting?

I’ve recently been away from the office for a few days and being a good citizen I cleared my desk and left a big note on it informing people that as I was out of the office people should feel free to use ‘my’ desk.

According to my colleagues, this should have caused me anxiety and at least one of them told me they wouldn’t feel comfortable having someone else sitting at ‘their’ desk.

I asked ‘why?’ and re-discovered a level of crazy in Local Government workers I had almost forgotten.

You see, a local government worker is unnaturally attached to their desk. Attempts to encourage staff members that hot desking is a more sustainable method of organising an office area are more likely to be met with staffing uproar than redundancies.

I’ve never really understood it.