We are not alone

And there was I, thinking that we were the only Local Government workers in the blogosphere…

I’ve stumbled across another excellent blog (glossing over my use of the word ‘another’ there, subtly implying that we too are excellent) which looks at local government through the eyes not of the politicians or the masses, but of the people from within who are responsible for driving the wheels round on a daily basis.

The Local Government Officer blog takes a look at things large and small, and offers some insightful comments and opinions on the workings of our workplaces, I’d definitely recommend a look if you have the time.

Don’t forget to come back afterward though!

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2 Comments on “We are not alone”

  1. localgov Says:

    Did anyone else read the title and find Michael Jackson forcing his way into their heads?!

    It wasn’t even one of his better songs either…

  2. […] a series of blog entries detailing other blogs out there that we quite appreciate. First came the local government worker and today I thought I’d add my twopence […]

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