How not to do social media

From a council’s intranet page:

XXX Authority now has a twitter page, allowing instant access to an ever-growing online community. If you want your department messaging or events promoted, please fill in the request form (link attached) to make the most of social marketing.

Sort of takes away the immediacy and spirit of the whole thing doesn’t it…

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One Comment on “How not to do social media”

  1. localgov Says:


    I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve spoken with who thought this was the right way of doing it, and there are only so many slaps I can dish out.

    How can local authorities possibly manage to take the most responsive, easy to use, recordable, measurable method of talking to people ever invented and make it another excuse for a form and restrictive procedure?!

    What are they scared of: that Council Officers might start speaking with local people and hearing their views and opinions?

    I’m going to have to stop writing here, there’s a clear and present danger of a soap-box rant of epic proportions!

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