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The Council should deal with that

August 4, 2010

I’m going to make my first members inquiry to the Council! I want the pigeons off my veranda!

This is the tweet that I recently saw, sent by a resident who by the sounds of it is then going to make a Members Enquiry to demand that the Council gets pigeons off of their veranda.

On what planet do they live.

I could be doing them a disservice here: it could very well be that the Council is directly responsible for strategically placing pigeons around the borough, and has determined that their veranda is a prime spot to place some.  These might also be trained pigeons, who stay where they are put rather than fly around like vermin with wings.

The Members in that borough may also be in control of this, and have control of pigeons as one of their portfolios.  They will then be more than happy to take up their own time putting the enquiry together, submitting it, having officers log it, farm it out to the appropriate service area, collate a response, have that response signed off by senior managers, returned to the Member and passed back to the resident.

Okay, not even I can defend this!  To even consider going through that entire process because some pigeons – PIGEONS! – are on your veranda beggars belief.  It’s things like this that happen all too regularly, and waste so many resources and so much of people’s time.

It also makes me wonder – what do people think that the Council actually does?  I know in this day of Big Society this is rapidly changing, but Councils do not do everything for all people.  Some seem to think they do, whilst in the same breath moaning because they get nothing back for their Council Tax.

We need to get better at telling people what we do, and making sure they feel able to do some things themselves without fear of us telling them off.

Either that or get some Council branded cats.