The relaunch

A confession; I’m a big bottler.

The blog I was writing at work got taken off the LSP website due to some unwise things I wrote about decison making in local authorities. I got in a modicum of trouble and decided that it might be best to put a hold on the whole blogging about local Government thing… Which I did.

That was, in hindsight, a mistake. This blog did highlight the occassional insanity of life in a local authority but always did so with it’s heart in the right place… We actually do love local Government and truly believe in the services it provides and the good it can do. The local government workforce is generally populated with good people who work hard and believe in what they are doing and although local government is mad it is only mad in as much as any other large corporate organisation is.

Two other factors mean the blog should restart:

1) I’ve moved authorities (I can now see trees from my window!). This should provide us with double the material and a slightly different perspective

2) The next 12-24 months will represent the biggest upheaval in local authorities we have ever seen. My authority is aiming for a 40% headcount cut over three years and we are not alone.

Finally, there is still way too much funny stuff going on and it would be rude not to write about it.

I know we’ve probably lost all our readers but I hope that eventually some of them will come back and enjoy our random ramblings…


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3 Comments on “The relaunch”

  1. localgov Says:

    40%?! That’s going some, even for the average local authority. How many private sector corporations would survive such a cut? I’d guess few if any third sector organisations could.

  2. localgov Says:

    Oh, and if you wanted to read more about the blog that nearly killed this one, here you go:

  3. […] The General Election was largely missed by this blog; coming as it did during our brief interregnum but nonetheless the election campaign debates were a true revelation… If not for the content […]

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