What we need is more meetings – no, really!

Without revealing too much in the way of details (this anonymity thing is harder than it looks!), our Council has been through a rough time recently.  With changes internally and externally, more than usual amounts of media coverage and in the run up to elections, things are a little fraught to say the least.

It’s at this time that you’d expect people to pull together and make a united effort to stand up and be counted.  When the going gets tough and all that, we should all be following the advice of the Stereophonics: keep calm and carry on (sounds familiar for some reason…).

So it should be more of a surprise when I look around and see everyone spending most of their days covering their own backs.  In no way am I a management-basher, I’ll leave that to the Unions (it seems to make them as happy as a 15 year old schoolboy with two appendages).  However, it does seem that the higher up the greasy pole you go (nothing at all to do with those schoolboys) the worse this is getting.

Take partnership working for example.  In fact, you should be able to take it from any of the senior managers here – they are all trying desperately to give it away.  Not that they don’t like the idea of it of course, but that when things land on their desks they forget all of the years of best practice and effort that’s gone into creating and maintaining appropriate governance structures in order to concentrate on the basics.

I understand that they are paid to get a specific job done, but the seeming disregard for fulfilling their commitments to attend these meetings is stunning.  Partnership working saves a fortune in time and effort, and is unarguably a good thing.  So why is it the first thing to be ignored?

Almost every senior member of one of our highest partnership structures has pulled out of the next meeting which aims to ensure things are on track, addressing issues and keep an eye on our long term objectives.  Seems like a no-brainer to me and to most others, but it’s being dropped faster than UKTV’s planned marriage advice show starring the Terry’s and the Cole’s.

I’d have hoped that keeping your eye on the prize is exactly what our senior managers and councillors should be doing right now and allowing their teams to manage the day to day tasks instead of feeling now is the time to micro-manage and get involved in everything, just to show they are ‘still grafters’.

Forget back to the floor for now – back to the office with you!

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