Dress code dilemma!

Everyone loves a good Trade Union over-reaction and this week we had a cracker.

At midday our local union rep (dressed in trademark hoody and jeans… More later) dropped his traditional badly photocopied rant on to our desks. I’m a keen fan of his work and always lap it up as a good way to put a smile on my face. Today, the topic was the proposal by the powers on high to introduce a dress code.

And what were the powers that be proposing? Compulsory ties? Skirts down to the ankles? Jackets on at all times? Only well shined shoes?

No, they wanted to ban overly casual clothes including denim; a ban on large tattoos, a request that women (and men) do not wear clothing that is too revealing and a request that people stay away from excessive jewellery.

Sometimes the Union drives me nuts. Why spend their time defending people’s rights to wear jeans, flash their tits and wear enough gold to make Mr T jealous? Surely there are better things to worry about.

And why we’re at it can why do people get upset about being forced to be smart… It seems old-fashioned but I like wearing a shirt, a nice pair of trousers and some shoes to work… You get to wear sweat pants and singlets at home… Surely we don’t need them in the office as well?

And as for the Union… How about looking out for the low paid or those with short-term contracts and less time focusing on keeping long-term employees underworked, over paid and wearing jeans?

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2 Comments on “Dress code dilemma!”

  1. LocalGov Says:

    When I saw that I laughed out loud! The policy is apparently asking for people to dress appropriately – if I work in a gym I’ll no wear a suit, in fact if I worked with young people I wouldn’t either. Likewise, if I was going to a senior meeting or conference I’d dress for the occassion.

    However, I’m not too keen on banning the revealing clothing bit…

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