A little bit of snow…

I’m not going to be a Council basher for no reason here.  In so many ways the Council works hard to make sure that the streets are safe to walk on, that the roads are safe to drive on and that the vulnerable are supported throughout any cold snap.  Those out and about ‘in the field’ do an excellent job, braving the elements and getting on with their jobs.

Unfortunately the same is not true of those behind their desks…

Yesterday in the office all I could hear was talk of people planning to not come in the next day.  This was despite the fact that not a flake of snow had fallen, and that the transport links to the Town Hall are actually quite good.  Phone calls were being made with members of staff brazenly stating that they “won’t be able to make it in tomorrow, so will take the day off”.

How does less than an inch of snow (which has almost all melted by lunchtime anyway) stop a significant portion of the workforce from coming in?  What makes Council workers (not those on the streets, mind you) think it’s acceptable to slack off because it’s a bit nippy?

There’s no pithy finish to this piece – I’m truly annoyed at my ‘colleagues’.

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3 Comments on “A little bit of snow…”

  1. localgovaswell Says:

    A good point well put…

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