Ring ring

I’m about to sound like a Luddite but we have a new phone system in the office and it is driving me mad!

In my mind a phone needs to perform some very basic functions:

1) It needs to be able to phone out

2) It needs to be able to receive calls that are meant for you

3) It’s helpful if you can pick up other people’s calls.

4) It’s nice to be able to redirect a call

In order to facilitate all of this you need to be able to log in to your phone and then use the functions easily.

I’m hoping that my four requirements are not seen as too demanding; I certainly don’t consider myself to me a member of the Technorati nor someone who demands more than can reasonably be expected from his workplace.

Despite this lack of demands and the relative ease with which this should be accomplished our brand new spanking phone system seems incapable of doing any of the necessary tasks. Last night on the way home I tried to log out… I followed the instructions on the handy bookmark and after three attempts and with no-one left to ask I went home. I should have known this was only the start of what was always going to be real trouble…

This morning our phones won’t log in or out for longer than ten minutes; the internal system for directing relevant calls has broken meaning I now field calls directed to children’s safety (somewhat too important to be dropped because of a defective phone system me thinks) and the phone just flashes insane messages at us.

So far today I have been told that: ‘Phone Location Unknown’ (It’s sitting on my desk!) and that I have ‘six new callers’ (which seems to be a record of the people I’ve spoken to in the last two days)… I’ve also been told that the phone is ‘rebooting’ at least two or three times!

The new phone system was purchased for three reasons; to offer as greater functionality, to make calling easier and to save money.  Saving money I am on board with but to be honest I’d have taken an old rotate dial phone that worked rather than a complicated web enabled phone that isn’t web enabled (the functionality linking it to our computers has quietly been dropped in recent weeks as the roll out has been delayed again and again) and doesn’t work!

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One Comment on “Ring ring”

  1. localgov Says:

    The other thing I want from my phone is the ability to hear it when it is ringing – these phones have the weediest, most rubbish rings I’ve ever heard. You just don’t know whether it’s your phone ringing, someone sitting next to you or a tiny sheep is bleating under the desk as you roll your wheely chair over it’s neck.


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