The curse of the calendar

I don’t like to piggy back on another post but the last one reminded me of an e-mail received in the office. It has three bullet points but number 2 read:

2. Completing calendars

The manager expects everyone to keep their calendars completely up-to-date with their whereabouts, hence if the calendar appears empty, please note that he will be forwarding work your way.

We all quickly filled up our calendars with long ‘writing report’ or ‘researching’ sessions which I guess sort of defeated the object.

Ironically productivity is inversely proportional to how busy you appear:

1) In meeting – Not very productive but considered to be busy

2) At desk – Moderately productive but considered to be ‘free’

3) Working from home – Highly productive but considered by those in the office to be slacking

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One Comment on “The curse of the calendar”

  1. localgov Says:

    Reminds me of the quote: “your true power and influence in the workplace is inversely proportional to the number of pens you carry in your pocket.”

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